SOAR — the new edge of enterprise cybersecurity in Eastern Europe and Baltics

SOAR — the new edge of enterprise cybersecurity in Eastern Europe and Baltics

  • Тип мероприятия: Вебинар
  • Дата: 11 апр 2022
  • В мероприятии участвуют: Конечные пользователи, Партнеры
Date: 11.04
Time: 11:00 EEST
Speaker: Jakub Goral, Technical Engineer of Energy LogServer
Event language: English
Responding to information security incidents requires a much greater degree of process automation. SIEM is only a side of the coin that unites security operations.
Let's meet another side — SOAR.
SOAR platforms significantly simplify the problem solving for analysts and relieve them of their routine workload. They enrich and contextualize threats to help analysts quickly sort cases. Thus, cybersecurity teams can focus on more complex intellectual tasks.
We hold the webinar to get you closer to the SOAR solutions and show you how to optimize your workforce to get even more use for business. 
No marketing or sales issues: instead, you will get 45 minutes of valuable information about real cybersecurity perspectives with actual analysis of how the solution functions in real life and how its implementation influenced some Polish companies. 
The technical engineer of Energy LogServer will touch upon the real perspectives of cybersecurity development and show the real user cases of SOAR implementation. You will take a look at the solution architecture and its technical capabilities.
  • SOAR is a new recipe for intelligent cybersecurity at enterprises
  • IT architecture of Energy SOAR
  • User cases: the actual case of solution implementation in Polish companies
  • Demonstration 
  • FAQ 
Who will benefit from this webinar?
BDM, Engineers, CTO, CISO, Heads of IT departments
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